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Interests: Integrated Optics, Optical MEMS, Optical Communication systems,
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Khalil, Diaa
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Prof. Diaa Khalil has over 35 years of experience in micro photonics systems, including integrated optoelectronics and optical MEMS technology. He obtained his PhD from INPG France in 1993.
Diaa Khalil is a Professor of photonics in the Faculty of Eng., Ain Shams University since 2004, and currently the Vice dean of post graduate and research affairs. He introduced the courses of Integrated Optics, Optical MEMS, and Applied Optical Engineering for the post-graduate engineering students. He is also leading a group of scientists working in the fields of Photonic microsystems. He supervised more than 50 MSc and PhD thesis in the fields of: Optics, Optoelectronics, Applied Spectroscopy, Optical MEMS and integrated Optics.
Diaa Khalil was also the CTO of the Optical MEMS Division in Si-Ware Systems from 2007 - 2020, leading a group of talented engineers developing an innovative FTIR MEMS spectrometer, a unique product that gained the Prism award in the Photonics West conference 2014 in SF USA. Prior to joining SWS, he worked with MEMScAP company as the head of the optical MEMS design group where he led the design and characterization of a 2×2 switch, and introduced a novel VOA (variable Optical Attenuator) achieving the world record of minimum PDL reported for wide dynamic range.
Prof. Diaa Khalil is a holder of the Egyptian state incentive prize in engineering sciences in 1998. He is a senior member in the OSA and the IEEE Photonic Society and a member in the SPIE and URSI societies. He is currently the head of commission D in the National URSI committee, in Egypt.
He is also a member in the editorial board of the journal, “Light: Science and Applications” produced by the Nature Publishing Group NPG. He is inventor of about 16 granted international patents and more than 10 other patent applications. He is author and co-author of more than 320 publications, in international journals and conferences, in addition to 3 book chapters and 1 ebook published by SPIE.


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